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Unban appeal

Steam name : Asian_Glow
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53094907
Steam community profile link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/asian_glow
Server: Beast Surf Gmod

Iv'e been recently banned from the surf server...for playing space jam remixes "too frequently." i would like to appeal this ban, as I have logical reasons why it should happen.
1Tongueeople can either mute or stop the song.
2. Several operators (will no say names, unless hgher authority makes me) have let me play space jam remixes, as they said I am not breaking rules.
3. This goes with number 2. When I got banned, number 2 came right to my head. Also, i remember everytime you come to the surf server the rules come up. These 2 rules are the reason why this ban was unreasonalbe, unecessary, and a slight abuse of powers:
"8. <SURF ONLY> Only songs in the jukebox. Ex: commentary, or anything just with narrative content is insufficient and will be skipped. Parodies, for example, are allowed. As long as it is considered music in some type of form.
9. Admins skipping songs with an insufficient reason is considered abuse, and you can report it. Troll songs/artists, such as moonman - notorious ..., is considered a song, but is extremely racist as well as trollish content."
4. These are not troll songs, as these are pretty popular and catchy, and they are remixes, which are actual songs by definition. Sera has banned me even though I have not broken any rules whatsoever. I am not playing commentaries, racist songs, or troll songs. AND The rules stated that parodies, which is the space jam remixes, ARE allowed.

Thanks for reading this, hopefully an operator reviews this and contacts the head admin of the group. 
you have been unbanned

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