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Cygfozzy Mistake
Yeah today i joined the server that i thought it was yours and i realized the appeal i made was falsem the history came from the other server. I don't remember the prop spamming thing, since i was very new to GMod at the time, and yeah, im not that good at lying, the history is true but i didn't get banned LOL.

WOW, now i remember what happened, cause of these names "Swagkitty " "Suki Pie Kinz couldn't forget about this one, this girl's voice was annoying af" your server was a mess at the time, everybody were spawning shit in spawn and rdming, rdaing, so i did the same. The server didn't crash and i wasn't trying to do it too xD

Sorry about it anyways, goodbye.  Angel
(This post was last modified: 04-07-2016, 11:18 PM by Cygfozzy.)

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