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Server Rules
By closing this tab, you abide by the rules of this server and may not violate any of the following rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules may result into minor consequences.

1. Absolutely no hacking/exploiting is tolerated. This will result in a permanent Steam account and IP ban.
1a. This applies to DoS/DDoS threats as well. If we catch you joking about DoSing players or DDoSing the server, we will report your IP address to your local authorities and Steam as well with textual evidence.

2. No micspam/chatspam.
2a. Faulty microphones/continuous transmission of voice/voice modifiers/filters will be counted as micspam and will result in a mute.
2b. Avoiding a mute/gag will result in permanent loss of both chat and voice powers.

3. No harassing or disrespecting others.

4. No derogatory language/slurs.

5. No offensive sprays (spray may very).

6. No advertising.
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