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Mario Kart server issues
ok so some of the problems me and some other people have was mainly the map, but you guys fixed that the new map is great, but the !jetpack and !taunts command is the problem, so i was just on the map looking for secrets while people were using the !jetpack command, i started lagging alot, then i crashed so i joined back and everyone who was using the !jetpack command was going legit hyperspeed on the track, so i tried to shoot them but their hitboxes were lagging behind them, and a sniper was in the air killing people underneath them so i tried to protect myself by shooting back and i couldnt because their hitbox was lagging behind them making them practically invincible, and about the !taunts command is just useless at this point 
yeah.. it was nice not having everybody abusing the jetpack and being almost impossible to hit
The jetpack plugin has since been changed and nerfed. Thanks for the report!
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