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DarkPyro's TTT #2 Mission Statement
Hello there! You're probably reading this because you clicked on it from the MOTD of my 2nd TTT server, and you're most likely new as well. If so, welcome! I'm very happy that you joined my server Tongue I'm sure you're aware of the fact that this server is running Moat Gaming's version of their TTT, because recently their owner decided to release his files to the public for server owner's to fix up and have an inventory system on their servers, etc, etc.. The files were originally fixed up by my long time friend, Michael, also known as Beast on Steam and on the GMod Store, for his server, GMod Network. He gave the files to me after he fixed everything up, then I edited his base to do my take on Moat. This server is meant to be my take on Moat TTT, with Moat's inventory, gameplay, etc, everything that everybody loved. Meaning that I'm going to add my own little tweaks to make it my own server. It should be pretty apparent in the first couple minutes of playing that some things have changed, for the better of course. I do not want to run a carbon copy of Moat TTT, because that is not really fun for me nor is it going to be different for anybody else. It especially won't be fun for me because I'm very, very OCD when it comes to TTT servers. I want every feature and every setting meticulously edited to fit my wants of a TTT server, and thankfully Moat had a lot that bothered me as far as missing features go or features that just didn't meet my standards and should've had more things included to begin with. It's kind of like getting a car that you've always wanted and modifying it to suit your needs.

My goals for this server are pretty simple: I've been wanting a small TTT community for a really long time. I used to have one back in 2012-2014, but sadly things did not work out as I was not old enough to run a community, at all. However, I do have my TF2 servers and community still active to this day, since 2013 onward. Anyone who does end up joining the Discord will probably end up bumping into one of our regular's from the TF2 servers, so if you see them, be sure to say hi! They've been with me for a while and they're really friendly. Anyway, I've wanted a small TTT community, but the market was so incredibly tight. The only way you can make it is by having an Inventory system, and obviously I was not going to pay someone to make one for me because I didn't see much of a reason, there were plenty of TTT communities that had good inventory systems and their players were already established on those servers. But then Moat was out of the way, then I saw light. I saw potential again, but inventory servers were still around. Now, let me preface this right here cause I kind of forgot to mention it lol, but my 1st TTT server is still up and running, but it does not have an inventory system. It is still equipped with PointShop, with permaweapons, but that is very old-school. My 1st TTT is literally a trip back to 2013, and that was my intention with that server. I didn't want to put an inventory into that server simply because that was supposed to be my time capsule back to when I used to have a TTT community. If I ever decided that I was going to run with an Inventory system, it was going to be a 2nd TTT, but that was too much work for me, I'm only a novice coder, and I'd have to pay someone to do it for me, which would've most likely costed me hundreds of dollars for a decent one. Obviously, Moat released his files, and either I or my friend wanted to capitalize on that. Since then, other servers have risen with his Inventory with plenty of servers and a huge community, but I still think there is room for my version of Moat, and that is why you are here now! Smile

My intentions are pretty wholesome: I don't expect any donations. I will eventually set up donations. I promise, I promise, I promise, because I know if someone is going to want to regular this server, they're going to want to get crates and nice guns and all that fun stuff. I don't expect donations from any of my servers. In fact, the donation page is not even up as of writing this lol, and I'm not going to launch the server with a donation page (written before server launch). All I want is a small community of players to play and enjoy some TTT with, forget the money. Pretty simple, right? I've been working on converting this server to my own server for at least ~2 maybe 3 weeks now, every day, till 5-6am sometimes 7am. Only that late because I procrastinate and it's the only way I get anything done lol BUT I have been working extremely hard on this server and I do hope that someone will appreciate the dedicated time and work I put into this. All server payments are made out of pocket from the 7a-5p job that I work, hopefully this will be a change, since, in my honest opinion, anyone who has Moat running and even Moat TTT itself at one point is just in it for a money grab. And it's absolutely awful, and very, very sad. There is no soul anymore, and it pains me. That is why I've worked relentlessly to try and get this server out. Not quickly, but in a timely fashion. Perfection is carefully executed with patience and time.

The one thing I ask is that you guys please leave suggestions in my Discord as to what I should do differently. This can be anything, relating to game play changes, weapon nerfs, etc.. I want this server to be the best version of Moat anyone can possibly pull off. I want to deviate from all the money and BS and focus more on the community and the game play to make this super, super fun and friendly. I'm just a young dude looking to make some cool, new friends to play some TTT with on his own environment and strive to be the least corrupt server on Garry's Mod. And believe me, there are plenty of those servers on here. I think that's about it, I said what needed to be said, and yeah. Sorry for the unbelievably long mission statement, but there is a lot that needs to be cleared up, because I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about having yet another Moat clone on the Garry's Mod server list wanting to suck the money out of someone's pockets and do all sorts of shady stuff. I love you guys, stay safe, have a good Christmas. Thanks for reading! Smile
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