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My Application
Steam Name: The Community Mädchen
Real Name: Melody Campbell
Age: 17 (9/23/03)
Steam Community Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheCommuni...nOfficial/
Discord Name: The Community Mädchen#1621

Name of the server you are applying for: ★ DarkPyro's Mario Kart 24/7 [Unusuals|JetPack|Halloween] / DarkPyro Gaming

Have you ever been banned off of a server before? And if so, what for? Describe the scenario with as much detail as possible: No, I have not had a ban before. (Or at least one I can remember)

Have you ever been an admin before on any community?: I have not held an administrative role on another server before, though I have moderated a few small Discord servers in the past, though that doesn't count for much.

Are you familiar with SourceMod and it's commands?: I'm familiar with the basics, such as sm_gag and sm_kick, though I could use some practice.

Why would you like to become an admin on our server(s)? (At least a paragraph, or 5 sentences):

I have played on this server since 2016, and have spent a lot of time on it. I was playing when Lili and Kiyru were more active. I remember having a grudge against Harpy. I remember when the server had Halloween spells on, and before the all-crits was removed. I have been on the DPG Discord server since October 4th, 2017.  I have over 55 hours recorded on the server, according to http://stats.darkpyrogaming.com/ . I am willing to be a loyal and faithful admin in the years to come. 

We are looking for good communication skills and teamwork amongst your other staff members, i.e. if you need to get off or you would like to play on another server or play another game and you're the only admin on, are you comfortable with asking a fellow staff member to cover the server?: I am more than willing to communicate with other staff members, and I can ask fellow admins to cover for me if I'm busy, such as in school.

We are also looking for flexible staff members who are able to be on at awkward times, and of course, consistently on at peak times, and are able to consistently respond to admin requests when someone on the server is breaking the rules, such as if someone is hacking and they need to be banned in that moment. Are you comfortable with being consistently active on the server and being flexible with admin requests via discord or any other messaging platforms?: I am more than willing to be on at odd hours of the day, and will respond to requests at a moments notice. I can easily be active on the server, as long as I have a functioning computer (Which shouldn't be a problem), and I am not in school at the time. (7:30am - 2:00pm, Mon-Thurs) 

Lastly, we ask that you maintain a friendly attitude amongst everybody on the server. This means no trolling, instigating, or retaliating and being able to handle situations in a professional and clean matter. Remember: you are the face of the server AND the community. Are you comfortable with all of this?: I will be honest, I can have mood swings due to the fact that I have Augspurgers (A form of ADHD), and may become slightly annoyed when people don't use my pronouns (Due to the fact that I'm trans), but as long as I can keep a cool head, I am more than willing to be friendly.

Any last things that you would like to mention on your application?: I am willing to do whatever it takes to help improve the server. I hope that this application is suitable.
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-The Community Mädchen
Accepted! I'll message you on Discord in a bit. Thank you for applying Smile
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