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application for foxyiu
Steam Name:๖ۣۜFoxyiu~♥


Steam Community Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sexyfoxyiu

Yes i have been banned once, I did call a guy a hacker and he was a hacker but the host did not trust me...

Yes i have experience with running a server i did it before.

Yes i have been admin lots of times.

I wanna help the server, And get some fun players on it  And ask a friend if he can start to play on it he is a youtuber and he got like 50.000 subs so. But most important i wanna make sure the players on the server have the time of their life and keep the server free of micspammers,hackers,scammers and such. I will help the server as much as i can and try my best to do my job as an admin.

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Accepted. Please read the admin rules here. All the muting things that you need to know are here.

And please let this person know that I want to get them to sign up. Thanks!

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