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How it all started
"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?"
- Joni Mitchell

Me and a friend of mine started goofing off on this SRCDS server that ran off my computer (I still have the files from that server today, logs and everything) and we just went on Hamachi and grabbed a ton of addons and fun stuff. We had a lot a fun with that for months. Then, one day when he wasn't on for the entire day, I thought to myself "why don't I try port forwarding my server? (since at the time whenever I tried port forwarding it would never work for god knows what reason)" So, that's exactly what I did. All Sunday till the afternoon, finding out how do you port forward on this router that made port forwarding harder than it is. Finally, this one try, I got it to work. I spammed my friend when he got on saying "I got the port forwarding to work!". Then, people joined. A few, not a lot. I was the happiest boy alive to have a successfully port forwarded server. So then, I got sick of Sandbox. It was fun and all, but the real gold was about to be struck real soon. So, my friend recommended to me that we make the server Trouble in Terrorist Town instead of Sandbox. I said sure and I went along with it. Not that many people joined, but I've accumulated enough friends (about 12) to have a fun experience on Trouble in Terrorist Town. We played that with only those people for the longest time. Months and months of that. Then eventually, one Saturday afternoon, no one was really on. I was left with an actual member (because people actually liked that SRCDS server) and myself on a server. 2 out of 20 people. Then I thought "Why don't I get it paid to get an actual server running?" The dude who was in the server at the time agreed. He got off the server, and I asked my dad (coolest dad ever) to pay 19.99$ a month for a server. He agreed, I got my rented server. So the usual people got on, including that one member. It was Sandbox, prepping it to go under the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode. I put it under cs_office because there wasn't any time to upload all the maps. I was too excited. Then, when I started up my server, ULX was broken. Then people flocked us. It was 20/20 in less than 5-10 minutes. I knew if I restarted the server to fix it, I would lose everyone. So, I didn't do that. That's what started it all. The "DarkPyro's TTT" server. From then on out, I had a community. A very active community that put me ranked 90 world on Garry's Mod on GameTracker. When I told my friend that I got a server, he was shocked on how many people were on it daily.

And that's how it all started. The DarkPyro's TTT community. I will create another post on how it ended and my stupid self lost it all and how sad I was.  BibleThump

[Image: XNkiben.png]
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