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How it all ended
At the time I was a 6th grader. And I get butthurt over low player count to this day. But, my server was at 0/20 people when there was usually people on at the time. (I literally just got home, I have no idea what I was doing) So, what I did is I raged changed the ip to Seattle, which is NFOServer's premium location, then I expected A GROUP OF 500 PEOPLE TO GET THE NEW IP, but I was sadly mistaken. I was left with a even more shittier player count and people still asking me what the hell happened to the server. There was still people on at the new location, just not as much (like a drastic drop). So, I wanted to reverse the action. I contacted NFOServer's support to tell them is there a way to get my old IP address back. They said it's all randomized when you get IP addresses, you would just have to get lucky. What they actually told me: Upgrade the server, and see if you get the same IP address. When I contacted them again saying I didn't get it: "The IP you previously had is not reserved. So, it's not a guarantee that you will get your old IP address back". Now, I was stuck with a server with no players because I had attempted so many IP changes to bring the old one back.

And that's how it all went down. After raging because my group of 500+ people we're not even responding to my announcements, I deleted my Steam group (basically kicking everyone out of the Steam group one by one then deleting it).
*sniff*  BabyRage

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