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ATTENTION: Some of these things are old and will not point to anything anymore. Either that, or they will point to a server that is not mine!

DarkPyro's TTT [Knife|Jihad|M9K Weapons|Pointshop|FastDL]:

My old webhosting for the server: http://darkpyrosserver.site.nfoservers.com/

My old Steam community group link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/darkpyrosgmod13server

My old TTT MOTD: http://misc.darkpyrogaming.com/ttt/motd2/

My old loading screen: http://misc.darkpyrogaming.com/ttt/cryst...7960279927

Sourcebans from the old server (for everyone who used Sourcebans. unfortunately I didn't have it so you didn't need an account and it would just add the ban to Sourcebans if you used !ban or !banid):  https://bans.darkpyrogaming.com/index.ph...ere_banned
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