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An old topic posted on ulyssesmod.net's forum
Topic name: DarkPyro Gaming CS:GO TTT [Knife|Sprint|40% Traitor|CSGO weapons/playermodels]

Hi! We are a gaming community that started back in December 2012, and we are back up again after months without having a server due to no one joining after a new IP.

This server is up 24/7, as long as I'm not doing any sort of BIG project that doesn't require the server to be down as I'm doing it.

The server homepage will be http://darkpyrottt.site.nfoservers.com/forum when I get the forums up, but as a replacement, here's the Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/darkpyrottt

The server's IP address is or darkpyrottt.game.nfoservers.com:27015

Max slots are 24, it may change to 22 due to money problems, I'm 90% sure this won't happen

I am accepting new admins/moderators on the Steam Group, when I setup the forum I'll do it there instead of the steam group.

We have sprint, advanced gun and damage, decapitation, a pointshop, you are able to see your legs, and a lot of fun custom weapons for you to kill people with.

The server is growing in popularity as I type this out, so join now!!!  Smile

*EDIT* I modified the server for CS:GO! So we have CS:GO weapons over the normal CS:S weapons, and CS:GO playermodels over CS:S playermodels.
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