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TheMadMan's Ban Appeal


Why I was banned: "Disrispect/Advertising"

Why I believe I should be unbanned: For starters, I was originally issued a one week ban, than it was changed to permanent, which is not fair because I enjoy this server. I was banned for saying that a particular player should not have been slain because the shot logs proved that the slain player's reasons for killing were justified. The staff member in question said that they were going to be slain as that player was KOS. However you are completely allowed to kill people who are shooting at you, as stated in the rules.

I stated that the action taken by the staff member was wrong and that other servers wouldn't do that. I stated if I was staff he wouldn't be slain. As saying this, I was banned from the server. Which doesn't explain the "Disrispect/Advertising". I would very much like to know who banned me as I want to issue a staff report on them for abuse of power as they banned the other player who was falsely slain for "Disrispect" and me for the false ban reason.

Evidence: None, there were other members on at the time such as Sleet, Sleet is my witness as he is most likely the most trustworthy.

Staff Member Who Issued the Ban: No Idea.

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